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Cardiovascular studies

emka TECHNOLOGIES provides complete solutions for cardiovascular studies. Our hardware and software allow preclinical evaluation of cardiotoxicity and cardiac safety assessment of pharmaceutical compounds using in vivo and in vitro models.

This is a direct result of the strong partnerships we have forged with leading research instrument manufacturers and the continual development of our own products.

  •  ECG studies: ECG is one of the parameters commonly measured during phenotyping of genetically modified strains. emka TECHNOLOGIES provides a range of solutions for performing ECG studies on different animals from mouse to primate.

  •  Blood pressure studies: emka TECHNOLOGIES offers a complete suite of solutions to assess the effect of the test substance on the blood pressure, for both small and large animals. Our solutions allow non-invasive or implantable blood pressure measurements..

 pv loops: Characterization of the intact heart's performance under various situations (drugs, disease, characterization of mouse strains…) is possible by use of conductance catheters measuring pressure-volume (PV) changes in the left ventricle. Configuration and analysis performed in iox2 via dedicated PV analyzer.

 baroreflex sensitivity: assessment of baroreflex sensitivity is based on analysis of a blood pressure signal. The analysis module is available as an option with the BP analyser.

• flow studies: flow can be measured in arteries, veins and ducts of different species, to evaluate genetic and pharmacological interventions. Flow measurement is done, for instance, during thrombus formation study. 

 cardiac conductivityThe study of cardiac conductivity is the investigation of the movement of  electrical impulses through the conduction pathways of the heart. This pathway is conserved across mammals, and therefore animal models including mice, dogs and pigs provide a useful tool for furthering our understanding of the cardiac conduction system in health and diseases. 

 hemodynamics studies: Setups to study hemodynamics in anesthetized rats and mice.

Please visit our minisite at  to find out more about how emka TECHNOLOGIES can help you perform cardiovascular studies.The minisite contains further information about our different setups; how to find the right system for your needs; FAQs; literature to download; list of customers and how they are using our systems; acquired parameters etc.

iox - pv loops
iox - pv loops
iox - main screen cardio
iox - main screen cardio
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