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Cardiovascular studies

emka TECHNOLOGIES provides a complete suite of integrated hardware and software solutions for cardiovascular studies.

This is a direct result of the strong partnerships we have forged with leading research instrument manufacturers and the continual development of our own products.

  •  ECG studies: ECG is one of the parameters commonly measured during phenotyping of genetically modified strains. emka TECHNOLOGIES provides a range of solutions for performing ECG studies on different animals from mouse to primate.

 isolated heart  (working heart or Langendorff): Complete setup to run isolated heart experiments on hearts from mice, rats, guinea pigs or rabbits. In addition to left ventricular pressure (lvp), ECG may be acquired. 

 pv loops: Characterization of the intact heart's performance under various situations (drugs, disease, characterization of mouse strains…) is possible by use of conductance catheters measuring pressure-volume (PV) changes in the left ventricle. Configuration and analysis performed in iox via dedicated PV analyzer.

 baroreflex sensitivity: assessment of baroreflex sensitivity is based on analysis of a blood pressure signal. The analysis module is available as an option with the bp analyser.

 thrombosis: In the described setup, thrombus formation is induced mechanically and followed by measuring flow downstream. 

 hemodynamics studies: Setups to study hemodynamics in anesthetized rats and mice. 













cardiovascular applications with iox2 

iox - main screen cardio
iox - main screen cardio

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