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Behavior study applications

emka TECHNOLOGIES provides complete systems for measuring different animal behaviors.

Food monitoring

By monitoring changes in eating and drinking behaviour of rodents, it is possible to detect subtle and/or long-term effects of drugs or genetic manipulation, irrespective of whether the primary action of the intervention is on the nervous system or not.

If you have a standard rodent cage - such as the Tecniplast 2154F cage - emka TECHNOLOGIES technicians have the know-how and products to convert it into a food/drink monitoring system.

The cage is adapted to take food/liquid holders that are equipped with force transducers.

The transducers are connected to receiver modules housed in a mainframe, which is connected to an usbACQ acquisition box.

From the usbACQ, a single usb cable carries all signals to the acquisition computer.

iox2 software can acquire up to 64 signals (32 cages with food and drink monitoring, or 64 cages with only food or only drink monitoring). The analyzer module provides counts of visits with/without intake (per unit time and cumulative).

Motor coordination

IITC Inc. engineered the Rota-Rod Treadmill to assess the effect of drugs on motor coordination and/or fatigue resistance in up to 8 rodents simultaneously. 

food and liquid intake monitoring
food and liquid intake monitoring
food and liquid intake monitoring
food and liquid intake monitoring
food and liquid intake monitoring
food and liquid intake monitoring

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