easyTEL+ large animal telemetry

easyTEL+ dog telemetry

Large animal telemetry easyTEL+ easyTEL+ is a fully implantable digital system, that transmitsphysiological data from conscious freely moving laboratory animals. It can be remotely managed and configured. Intended for use in preclinical research (primarily toxicology,pharmacology and safety pharmacology studies) and biodefense, the easyTEL+ implants are ideal for large animals > 1 kg. Various models offer […]

emkaPACK5 jacket telemetry

emkaPACK non invasive telemetry

Jacket telemetry emkaPACK5 for large animals emkaPACK5 is a non-invasive telemetry system for the acquisition of ECG*, respiratory endpoints, blood pressure, temperature, and postural activity from freely moving, single or group housed large animals such as dogs, primates, sheep, minipigs and more (horses, cows etc.). Allowing the simultaneous evaluation of cardiovascular and pulmonary measurements without […]