easyTEL mouse telemetry

mouse telemetry implant

Telemetry for mice​ easyTEL easyTEL is a fully implantable telemetry system, that transmits physiological data from conscious freely moving small subjects weighing 20 g or more, single-housed. Intended for use in preclinical research, easyTEL-S size implants are ideal for mice and offer the ability to continuously record Biopotential (ECG, EEG, EMG, EOG)* , Core Body […]

ecgTUNNEL for rodents

ecgTUNNEL for rodents

Non-invasive ECG recording ecgTUNNEL for rodents ecgTUNNEL is a plug-and-play system for snapshot ECG* recordings and respiration data in rodents that eliminates the need for surgery and anesthesia. It combines up to 6-lead ECG with an optional plethysmograph dome for respiratory endpoints with optional exposure and infusion options.  This set up is particularly useful for […]

Pressure Volume loops

Pressure-volume loops

Pressure volume system For better understanding of heart diseases and better treatment development, researchers need to quantify the performance of the heart, more than relying only on blood pressure or ventricular pressure. They need to investigate subtle changes in contractility, elastance, energetics and efficiency. To achieve this goal, emka TECHNOLOGIES provides Pressure-Volume loop system from […]

Electrophysiology catheters


Electrophysiology catheters For intracardiac biopotential measurements emka TECHNOLOGIES provides octapolar electrophysiology catheters from Transonic Scisense, for intracardiac electrical potentials studies in rodents. Up to 4 intracardiac electrograms can be recorded simultaneously. The same Catheter can be used to pace the heart as well as record electrical activity. Compatible Animals Techniques & Measurements The system is […]



Flowmeters For blood flow measurement An extensive range of flowmeters is available to measure volume flow through arteries, veins and ducts of different species and of diameter 0.25 mm and upwards. In addition, tubing and perfusion applications are also possible. All models provide calibrated analog signals (in flow units) that can be directly connected to […]

Data loggers

Telemetry data loggers for small animals emka TECHNOLOGIES distributes Star-Oddi small data loggers, also called DST (data storage tags) that offer continuous measurements throughout the research period and store the data in their internal memory. The Star-Oddi product family includes telemetry loggers, allowing real time access to the recordings of: Core temperature Heart rate   The same logger can be reused […]

CODA system for rodent blood pressure

CODA system

CODA system For noninvasive blood pressure emka TECHNOLOGIES offers the CODA system from Kent Scientific, to perform noninvasive blood pressure measurements in mice and rats. Blood pressure is measured in the tail of the mouse or rat using Volume Pressure Recording (VPR) sensor technology. This screening tool eliminates the need for surgery and anesthesia. Compatible […]

Small animal anesthesia systems

Anesthesia systems for small animals emka TECHNOLOGIES provides the SomnoSuite® and the SomnoFlo®, low-flow anesthesia systems from Kent Scientific. Especially designed for mice, rats and small animals, its saves you from using large clinical vaporizers. Two models are available to fit your protocol requirements. SomnoFlo is a compact, standalone vaporizer with a built-in, automated anesthetic delivery […]

Blood pressure transducers

Blood Pressure transducer

Blood Pressure transducers Solid state and fuild-field emka TECHNOLOGIES offers blood pressure catheters for use with rodents (mice and rats) and large animals (from rabbits to cows): emka Blood Pressure Transducer is a fluid filled catheter, adapted to the size of the artery, ideal for blood pressure measurements in the range of -50 to + […]

Vital sign monitoring


Vital sign monitoring for small animals emka TECHNOLOGIES provides PhysioSuite® for mice and rats, a modular system that allows you to select the modules you need now, with the option to add more modules later: Pulse oximeter & heart rate monitoring Temperature Monitoring and homeothermic control End-Tidal CO2 Monitoring – 0 to 16%, 0 to120 mmHg Automatic […]